Thilanka Z Stool
Thilanka Z Stool
Thilanka Z Stool

Thilanka Z Stool

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This solid one of a kind stool is carved entirely from a single tree trunk. Its sleek and shining curves highlight the wood's beautiful swirling rings. This piece can act as a warm welcome as you step inside your home or find its place next to a side chair or sofa.

Handcrafted by master artisans in Chiangmai, Thailand. Each Thilanka Z stool takes almost a week to complete.

Dimension 12”L x 12”W x 18”H (L30.50 cm x W30.50 cm x H45.75 cm)
Material Carved from solid reclaimed wood
Origin Handcarved from Thailand
Care To clean, wipe with a soft dry cloth.
Item# 63664